The vision of Nano — an instant, feeless and green crypto


Many foreign workers send remittances home. In fact, roughly $500 billion is sent back to lower income countries, yearly. Costs for this remain incredibly high, at an average of 6.8%. How can Nano help here?

Merchant payments

Merchants tend to focus on driving down costs. Many merchants work on slim margins, where a few percent difference in costs can make the difference between profit or loss. Currently, merchants pay an average of 2–3% in payment processing fees.

Accepting donations

Similar to how Nano is ideal for merchants to accept payments instantly and feelessly, Nano is a fantastic solution for charities. If you’re a charity in Uganda, it can be difficult to receive donations from Americans and Europeans. It comes with high costs, reducing the amount of money that arrives at the charity, increasing the profit of payment processing companies.


Nano’s feeless nature allows for the sort of microtransactions that are not possible with regular payment options. Some fun examples of this are the Nano Birdfeeder, a Nano beer tap, or even turning on a lamp with Nano.

Secure store of value

If you’re reading this as a citizen of a country with a stable monetary policy, this might not seem like a big deal to you. However, if you’re Turkish, Venezuelan, Nigerian or from any of the many countries with high inflation, you will recognize that it’s painful to see your money becoming worth less, rapidly.

Nano as efficient money

All the above serves to illustrate that Nano makes money efficient, for everyone. By offering instant and feeless transactions, Nano allows you to save on payment processing costs, to send money cross-border, and to save money using a secure store of value. It’s an open network, that anyone can join at any time, from anywhere, and start using instantly.

  1. Get a free Nano wallet (Android here, iOS here, web here).
  2. Visit a free Nano Faucet (alternative).
  3. Fill in your Nano_ address and hit send.



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