Creating the theoretical best possible money (analyzing Elon Musk’s thinking in Lex Fridman’s podcast)

  1. High volume throughput (bandwidth/bitrate)
  2. Fast and predictable confirmation times (latency/jitter)
  3. No dropped payments (packet drop/errors)

What can we conclude from Elon’s thoughts about ideal currency?

  1. High and scalable throughput
  2. (Consistently) quick transactions
  3. No dropped payments
  4. Low fees
  1. ~33 transactions per second, difficult to increase further
  2. A few minutes average confirmation time (increases with increased usage)
  3. No dropped payments
  4. Average tx fee $0.27 yesterday, increases with increased usage
  1. Infinitely scalable throughput
  2. Instant confirmation, at light-speed
  3. Never a dropped payment
  4. $0 fees
  1. Scalable throughput. Improve the bandwidth/hardware of the nodes running the Nano network and maximum throughput automatically increases.
  2. Nano’s median global confirmation time is 313 milliseconds, 99th percentile at 634 milliseconds.
  3. Nano has done 140 million transactions without ever a dropped transaction, doublespend, or rollback.
  4. $0 fees, forever, by design. The sum total fees of the 140 million transactions done so far is $0, the sum total for the next 140 billion will be $0.
  5. Nano also has 0 dilution/debasement. It’s not possible to create new Nano. It’s 100% predictable and fixed.




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